PennApps Projects

September 14, 2023

This past weekend, we were blown away by the brilliance of student AI projects. 🚀

In 48 hours, PennApps attendees built over 20 apps with LLMs + Metaphor. These projects did an incredible job showcasing the power LLMs have when connected to the Internet.

We’d like to highlight the 3 winners: 🧵

🥇 Hire-Me-Pls:

Generate a personalized cover letter instantly by inputting your LinkedIn and the company you want to apply to. Uses Metaphor to find specific information about the company.

Built by: Yuki Yao, Simon Schueller, Lucas Zhu, and Gene Lin

check out their project:


Personalized roadmap for you to learn a new skill or topic, uses the Metaphor API to curate resources from the internet to learn more about a topic

Built by: Shreyas Sreenivas, Alicia Sun, and Kenneth Xiao

check out their project:


Embeds hard-to-read texts with word and topic definitions and explanations, uses the Metaphor API to generate relevant links for difficult words and topics.

Built by: Ellie Popoca, Jamie Rollison, Cole Zimmerman, and Owen Cushing

check out their project: